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The Welcome and Integration Contract


The Welcome and Integration Contract (CAI) is foreseen by the Law of 16 December 2008 on the reception and integration of foreigners in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg . The CAI is implemented on the basis of the grand-ducal regulation of 2 September 2011.  

The CAI provides the Luxembourg Government with an innovative instrument that facilitates the integration process in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency  (OLAI) carries out its implementation, under the administrative supervision of the Ministry of Family and Integration.

Target Public

The CAI is directed to all foreigners of more than 16 years of age residing legally in Luxembourg and wishing to stay there on a long-term basis. The contract is not a compulsory measure and it is aimed at both EU and non EU citizens, whether they have recently arrived in Luxembourg or lived there for a longer time. The CAI does not impose mandatory measures on its signatories.

What does the CAI provide?

  • Language training

  • Citizenship training courses

  • An orientation day

It is important to attend these three venues, as this will give way to a certificate validating the successful completion of all CAI requirements.

The language training courses will enable participants to achieve at least level A.1.1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in at least one of the three administrative languages of Luxembourg. These are: Luxembourgish, French and German. Signatories of the CAI will be asked to choose one among several language learning courses, set up through convention with the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training, and hosted by the Communes and associations, secondary education schools, or the National Language Institute.

The citizenship training courses address a host of themes relating to integration and living together in Luxembourg such as the history and political structure of the country, or its traditions and customs. These courses are organised together by the OLAI and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, in collaboration with the Communes and secondary education schools.

The orientation days take place twice a year on week-ends and last half a day. They are set up in partnership with several organisations in order to allow the signatories of the CAI to familiarise with the various organisations and public structures of Luxembourg, in a convivial setting.

Benefits for the signatory:

Signing the contract is most and foremost a symbolic gesture by means of which the candidate and the State show their reciprocal implication in the integration process. In addition to this, the signatory gains a series of advantages:

a discounted rate for the language courses
a free citizenship training course and orientation day
an exemption from one of the mandatory citizenship training courses for the acquisition of Luxembourg nationality
an acknowledgement towards a long-term residence permit

How to apply:

Those interested in signing the CAI are required to take an appointment with the OLAI in order to attend an information session followed by an interview.

Please call 247 85700 or email : cai AT olai.public DOT lu, or go to the reception desk of the OLAI (7-9 avenue Victor Hugo L-1750 Luxembourg). Please let us know if you need a translator. On the day of the appointment, you will be asked for your ID card and a document proving that your presence on Luxembourgish territory is legal. The presentation of the CAI and the following interview last approximately two hours. The aim of the interview is to define your needs regarding language learning or any other need that is relevant to your orientation.

The candidates for the CAI will be informed of the starting dates of the services. All information may be updated at any moment. Candidates receive a voucher enabling them to register in a language learning course. A registration card will enable them to identify themselves as CAI signatories.

For additional information, please consult the website of the OLAI:

Welcome and Integration Contract