Third digital edition of the Orientation day in the context of the Welcome and Integration Contract

The Orientation Day of the Welcome and Integration Contract (CAI) took place on Saturday 20 November for the third time in virtual form.

More than 500 signatories of the CAI registered for the event, which was organised by the Department of Integration of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region. During the Orientation Day, participants had the opportunity to learn about administrative procedures, the country’s institutions and community life in Luxembourg.

In her welcome address, the Minister for Family Affairs and Integration, Corinne Cahen, highlighted the importance of diversity and citizen participation. “Diversity is our strength. We live it to the fullest in companies, in institutions, but also in our daily lives”, she noted. Corinne Cahen also encouraged all the participants of the Orientation Day to get involved in their daily lives: “We need you all. For our clubs, our sports clubs, our culture, our brass bands, etc. So get involved. So I encourage you to get involved and to be interested in the country and in politics.”

On 24 virtual stands, representatives of different ministries, administrations and associations in Luxembourg were present to answer the signatories’ questions on integration topics, such as political participation and associations, further education, recognition of diplomas or culture.

In the virtual workshops, participants could choose from 12 different topics, such as nationality, language practice, entrepreneurship or housing. In addition, they had the opportunity to exchange views in a virtual forum (the Networking lounge) on the topics that interested them most.